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"For the dwindling few who remain on Earth, a new and possibly final age of humankind has come where the bridge to our history has been washed out; live we now in the age of bedlam." -Mark Blaise Fallon, The Emperors of Bedlam.

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Book 1 in the Age of Bedlam series was released October 1, 2016!


Schedule to be announced at a later date.


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The Emperors of Bedlam

What Species Will Rule Earth Next?

This epic, futuristic adventure from the lush imagination of Mark Blaise Fallon is a thrill ride along the razor’s edge of humankind's extinction. When billions are forced to abandon a hostile, irradiated Earth, those left behind must fight for survival as two mighty empires of mutated non-human species rise and clash to claim dominion over the planet. C. August Grimnail, a wise-cracking rogue, scours the wild, encountering strange creatures and treacherous remnants of our lost world in hopes to re-build the New Human Empire. August's best friend Emperor Hennrik Taschen and the beautiful Empress Dönadrinne fight to realize a utopian civilization and re-claim humankind's rule of Earth.

But will their hopes for the human race withstand forbidden love and power-lusting betrayals from within? Will humankind ever rule Earth again? More...

Coming soon!

Short Story set in the Age of Bedlam world.


December 4, 2016


First of all, I'd like to say Привет и добро пожаловать! to our friends in Russia. This site currently gets more visitors from there than any other nation, including the United States. I haven't the slightest notion why, but it's quite cool to me that The Emperors of Bedlam is resonating with people in a country that we Americans are brainwashed into thinking hates us. I say screw all that media hornswaggle. I love my readers—lines drawn on a map be damned.

This "Don't call it an apocalypse" speech marketing piece comes from Chapter 11 of EoB. It's delivered by Hennrik Taschen who strives to re-create human civilization by drawing upon the best parts of the greatest empires in human history. Particularly the Roman Empire. I envisioned him as this great motivational speaker, so to pull it off I drew upon the speeches of Shakespeare's Henry V, ("Once more unto the breach, dear friends!") and used John F. Kennedy's voice in my head as I crafted each one. Hennrik gives several throughout the novel, but this is one of my favorites because of his powerful tone of hope that we humans have the potential to evolve into something greater than we are now... Read more

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Mark Blaise Fallon is a novelist, screenwriter, podcaster, father, and tech junkie. His first novel, The Emperors of Bedlam dropped October 1, 2016. Mark lives in Los Angeles, California with his family.

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Seriously? Do people really ask you these questions frequently?

Well, okay, frequently is a bit of a stretch, I’ll give you that one. But you’d be amazed (or maybe you wouldn’t) at the strange ways and times these questions come at me. I love talking about the craft of writing and all things EoB, but I suspect that the person who invented the FAQ, preferred to have all ten toenails ripped out with needle-nose pliers to repeating the same answers to the same questions over-and-over.

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